The mission of the Snowden-Warfield Family History Website is to provide a forum by which all members of these two ancestral families can access the treasure trove of family history collected over the past four centuries since the family progenitors first set foot in the "New World".

While the recording of personal genealogical data is important, including birth-dates, death-dates, burial sites, marriages, career choices and other relevant data, we believe it is equally important to tell the individual stories of those hearty souls who came to America to build a new nation, as well as their descendants who built on their shoulders as well as the living descendants, who continue to define the promise of America in today's world.

The dominant theme in this family history website is to tell the stories of family members who stepped forward, with motivation, courage and conviction, to accomplish their individual missions in life. These stories may be found in all of the website categories, including:

  • Family Stories
  • Ancestral Homes
  • Family Cemeteries
  • Family Reunions & Exhibits
  • Family Tree
  • Family Branches
  • Diaries and Wills
  • Maps on Family Country
  • Family & Poetry
  • Annapolis Tea Burning

The individual missions of the Snowden-Warfield Family History website may be described as follows:

  • To record family histories in all of the relevant categories.
  • To make the family information widely accessible to all family members as well as all interested parties.
  • To post as many photographs as possible to provide a visual understanding of locations related to stories and events. Click on any picture to see an enlargement.
  • To provide relevant works of art on important historical events that involved family members, e.g. The Burning of the Peggy Stewart, "The Story" and "The Painting".
  • To teach the importance of "Patriotism" to youngsters, meaning anyone less than one hundred years old!
  • To organize the family into branches with liaisons representing each family branch.
  • To identify one person in each branch who may be interested in maintaining the Family tree database in up-to-date format with accurate and validated information. Family branch liaisons may achieve these milestones by entering new genealogical data and editing existing records.
  • To organize and participate in family reunions.
  • To conduct workshops at family reunions keeping family branch liaisons knowledgeable and up-to-date on how to maintain the accuracy of family records.
  • To keep family members informed about family events, exhibits, reunions and celebrations.
  • To conduct fundraising efforts when needed to support worthwhile causes related to maintenance of family heritage. These efforts may include:
    • Maintenance of family cemeteries and records;
    • Restoration of historically important paintings that bear on family heritage;
    • Spreading the family stories that bear on the development of freedom and democracy in America and
    • Maintaining the family history website.
  • The open-source "Family Tree" program present on the Snowden-Warfield Family History Website, initially designed by a Mormon and expanded by an international group of dedicated computer programmers, allows for storage of vast quantities of information on all family members, including:
    • Personal data points, including birth-dates, death-dates, marriages, burial sites and many other data points.
    • Biosketches describing the education, professional careers and avocations of individual members.
    • Photographs that capture the developmental character and personalities of individual family members.

A Step Back in Time

In the past family history has been recorded in family bibles, scrapbooks and cardboard boxes. Fortunately, the early history of the Snowden and Warfield families has been recorded in privately printed books by authors who have conducted in-depth research into family histories motivated by personal dedication.

With the advent of personal computers in the 1980s, genealogical records could be neatly recorded in well-designed databases using a number of commercial programs. However, these programs were limited to the personal computer which contained the program.

In 2003, sophisticated "open-source" computer programs became available, for the first time, with the capability of recording and displaying family history data on the internet with adequate safeguards and security. By constructing family history websites residing on the internet, it is now possible for family members in any location around the world to access this rich trove of family lore.

Revel in this new technology and enjoy the rich heritage of the Snowden and Warfield families!


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